Forms & Worksheets

Type Document Description
Bankruptcy Info Checklist

Checklist of information you must provide before I can prepare and file your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Office Procedure

Detailed instructions on our procedures to file bankruptcy, including the client’s responsibilities.

Business Worksheet

Business Income and Expense worksheet that must be completed for a small business bankruptcy filing.

Client Information Non-Business Debtor

Personal Finances worksheet that must be completed for a personal bankruptcy filing.

Form for Debtors with Support Obligations

Download and complete this form if you have domestic support obligations (i.e. alimony, spousal support or child support)

First Course Handout

Instructions for taking the debtor course prior to filing Bankruptcy

Second Course Handout

Follow the instructions to take the Second or post-filing debtor course for Bankruptcy filers.

Car Dealerships and Lenders with Chapter 13 experience

List of local auto dealers and lenders with Chapter 13 experience.